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"Bundy" and "Speedy" at Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia.

"Bundy" and "Speedy" at Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia.

Speedy, the tank Loco, was being brought to this location by the tender Loco Bundy, at the outward end of the line for some maintenance work.
The "tourist railway" the Bally Hooley Railway, is no longer owned and operated by the Mossman Central Mill. It was sold recently to one of the resorts. For the past couple of years the train has run for a couple of months, then stopped for a while, then runs again. The track is in need of attention to remove corrugations which are very severe in places. Ring to see if trains are running before your visit.
The line originally was used to ship raw sugar from the mill to the wharf at Port Douglas. The growth of Port Douglas into a tourist resort caused the "new locals" to object to this 60 or 70 year old practice and the raw sugar is now trucked to the port in Cairns, a costly round trip of almost 200km, and people wonder why the mill is going bad.

CopyrightRobert Aspinall Innisfail Qld. Aust
Taken 2003-08-12

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