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Narrow gauge in Bulgaria

Before many years for needs on Factory for paper , received by means of hydrolysis situated in town of Razlog , were furnished 3 locomotives for 760 mm from Romanian factory "23 AUGUST WERKE" - Bucuresti (now "FAUR"), who had a class 93-00.The locos where powered by 6 cylinder, 450 hp and Maybach engine. The locomotive information is: Lenght - 10.2 m. ; Width - 2.2 m. ; Height - 3.1 m. ; Axle formula: B`- B` ; Weight - 30 tons ; Engine - 450 hp Maybach , Type - MB 836 ; Top Speed - 40 km/h (in main regime) and 25 km/h (in shunting regime).The locomotives were moving only between the Paper Factory and railway station Razlog.Now the locomotive 93-03 is notched and serrated , but the others 93-01 and 93-02 are standing in depot Bansko and you can see them on this photo.

CopyrightVeselin Malinov
Taken28 November 2010
CameraCanon Powershot A3300IS

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