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The CMC yard at Xeros

A view over the old Cyprus Mines Corporation yard at Xeros, North Cyprus, looking northwards towards Guzelyurt Bay, with Baldwin 0-8-2T no. 4 in the foreground

CopyrightJames Waite
Taken17 August 2003
CameraFujifilm DS300


Posted by demetri on January 30 2008 at 18:04

dear james are you a cmcer?i come from pendayia and i live in canada since 1974.i was a caddy for dr.Rose 1964-1968.lately i found jim walker who lives in b.c canada.i also email often lisa moore.i will be glad to hear from you.

Posted by Major Bob Smith on November 8 2010 at 10:14

I was with the 1st Battalion Welch Regiment in Xeros in 1957-58. Our tented area was called Aberdeen Camp and was adjacent to the CMC yard. I had many friends in the CMC, most of them lived in Karovastasi. There was a good club in Skourotisa where many of our officers could be found on Saturday nights. The chief of police was Jim Williams and his deputy was Bill Mulcock. The district officer was Colin Thom. The other people I remember are Nijit Munir assistant manager Barclays Bank, Lefka and Mustapha who owned a restaurant and produced wonderful bean stew.

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