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Settling down on my upturned box, I listened to Dafydd as he explained all about the gang culture that was rife within the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways.

“So how many gangs are there Dafyd?”… ”Well let’s see now”, came the reply, “there’s us the Black Hand Gang, then there’s the Tuesday gang, Rest of the World gang, Dee and Mersey gang, White Rose gang, Team x, Megabash and Gigbash gangs, Greasers gang, Lineside Clearance gang, Trackside gang, Waggon Tracks gang, Gardeners gang”… Five minutes later Dafydd was still going.

So, the next time you travel on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways, spare a thought for all the volunteers that have worked (and still work) tirelessly to enable you to do so; and if you see a gang loitering on the track at the end of the platform, go up and shake their hands, after all what’s the worst that can happen?

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