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This year, the Tracks to the Trenches event organisers have been able to develop a plan to allow limited numbers of people to be part of the event for the weekend.Instead of staying in a motel or Travelodge (hotel room only), why not spend a night or two in a First World War tent?

Just bring a sleeping bag & any food (although food/drink is available on-site separately)….The offer is currently provided on a “per tent” basis – although if there is demand, we may be able to provide a “per-bed” communal tent too.

These large (approx. 14’ ridge or bell) tents can easily accommodate 4 to 5 people on the camp beds.For the weekend (yours on the Friday & Saturday nights) inclusive of all passes for those resident in the tent, the costs are:The cost per tent based on 2 people sharing is £200The cost per tent based on 4 people sharing is £350Please contact us here for more details & reserve your tentSource: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

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