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Stars of Sandstone Festival

The Sandstone Heritage Trust, based at the Sandstone agricultural estate in South African is holding a Narrow Gauge steam and heritage festival between 04 and 12 May 2013. The festival will feature up to 22 working steam lcocomotives on the extensive 2 foot gauge railway alongside other working heritage assets including steam lorries, traction engines, agricultural and military vehicles. The estate is large enough to permit more than one simultaneous acctivity and the festival promises to be an outstanding steam railway event. Geoff’s Trains, a UK based tour operator, is working with Sandstone to offer a package that makes getting to the festival easy. They have included transport to and from Johannesburg Airport, local transfers, accommodation and the festival itself. Full details can be found here:
For images from previouis Sandstone events, look here:
The Sandstone Festival is followed by a tour to Natal for Garratts on both 2 foot and Cape Gauge, and then a tour to Zimbabwe for the Cape Gauge Garratts to Victoria Falls. Combine them for the narrow gauge event of the year!
For more information, call Geoff Cooke on +44 (0)1562 632000.

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