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Wharf Redevelopment: Project updates 14th and 21st August

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Following this, a temporary platform has been laid to give us that full platform for Race the Train.

The platform section in front of the new building is temporary, being constructed of concealed scaffolding and boards topped off with plywood sheeting.

arrival (the 11:40 departure from Wharf) and all trains thereafter successfully used this platform and a diesel-hauled special train consisting of Van 5 + a "TR" showed that this stock too could be accommodated without snagging on the temporary section.The full platform was therefore available for "Race the Train" on Saturday 21st; this platform will be used until Tuesday August 31st (last day of peak service), when it will be handed back to enable the continuance of the building work programme – including the provision of a permanent platform and to allow the rain water drainage to be completed (essentially the siting of downpipes).Much thought has gone into the kitchen design, which is now settled.

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