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West Llangollen Light Railway

West Llangollen Light Railway

Railway Personality 'Pete Waterman' enjoys a footplate visit on 'Irish Mail' at Llangollen Railway's "Steam Steel & Stars II" event on 18th April 2009

CopyrightWest Lancashire Light Railway Trust
Taken 2009-04-18


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    Graham Holt


    I don't think so.

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    Graham holt

    I should have said

    West Llangollen Light Railway!!!

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    Last night my daughter was looking up Pete Waterman and asked me about the West Llangollen Light Railway. I was not aware of it and she thought it was a mistake and made a comment using my email address. I have just picked where she was looking from the history and can see she had missed the bit about the Llangollen Railways Event in 2009.
    Apologies for her comments.

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