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Townsend Hook

Townsend Hook

Townsend Hook (Fletcher Jennings works number 172 of 1880), very much the worse for wear outside the engine shed at Amberley. A 3ft 2 and one quarter inch gauge engine from the Brockham Quarry railway, it must be one of the very few surviving Fletcher Jennings engines in the UK.

CopyrightJames Waite
Taken 2005-07-11


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    Jack Slaughter

    There are 5 Fletcher Jennings locos surviving in the UK: 'Talyllyn' (w.n. 42 /1864', 'Dolgoch' (w.n. 63/1866), both 2'3'' gauge at the Talyllyn Railway' 'Captain Baxter' (w.n. 158/1877), stadard gauge at the Bluebell Railway; and 'Townsend Hook' (w.n. 172L/1880) at Amberley and her sister 'William Finlay' (w.n. 173L/1880), in private ownership.

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