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Taking the strain

Taking the strain

Horse power used to move the slate waggons in the Dinorwic quarry

CopyrightMax Sinclair
Taken Date unknown


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    This photo isn't Dinorwic either - it looks to be the old Penybryn quarry, absorbed by Dorothea quarry in the 1930s. Alternatively, it could be Aberllefenni, Corris but Penybryn looks more likely.

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    Dave Hodgson

    Definitely Penybryn! (The steps in the top right of the pic were still there when I last visited a few years ago).

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    Iain Robinson

    This is a lovely shot. It had me puzzled, as it looks like the eastern pyramid at Dorothea, but why would a horse be taking stones away from the mill? Then I realised that the photo is back to front. Suddenly it all makes sense.

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