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Narrow gauge in Bulgaria

Narrow gauge in Bulgaria

A narrow - gauge diesel shunting locomotive 80001-1 standing in depot Septemvri.This locomotive is made by HENSCHEL AG - Kassel(Germany) in 1964 year according to specifically conditions of the line Septemvri-Dobrinishte.In 1967 year it starts work in depot Septemvri, in the next years, the mashine was using a light local trains to Velingrad and Pazardjik (via Varvara).This is the first locomotive in Bulgaria for 760mm , who have a metal-tire cover.Even intentions to buy a stock with more lokomotives of this class,the mashine remains the only one and unique. In nowadays this locomotive is not a motion.

CopyrightVeselin Malinov
Taken 2009-09-22

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