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Adderley Viaduct

Adderley Viaduct

No. 37386 crossing Adderley Viaduct with a pw special from Coonoor to Mettapalayam.

CopyrightJames Waite
Taken 2004-03-29


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    Sandra Beeli


    We would be very grateful if you could send us some high resolution
    photographic material (300 dpi) of your railway and its scenery for a
    comparative analysis to be used as part of the documentation in our
    UNESCO candidate's dossier.

    Would you be kind enough to send us 3 to 4 pictures each of your
    railway and its surrounding landscape; e.g. typical bridges, gorges
    or passes. Good to know is the photografers name and the copyrights for
    a publication.

    Our sincere thanks in advance
    Sandra Beeli

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