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Narrow gauge in Bulgaria

A narrow gauge diesel locomotive 76011-6 standing in depot Septemvri.The mashines of this class , made by factory 23TH AUGUST WERKE - Bucuresti (now FAUR) were moved on the line Cherven Briag - Oriahovo , but with a decreasing a passenger and freight conveyance on this line , the locomotives for 760 mm were got across in Septemvri , have restored and damaged.From 15 mashines , there are only 4 - 005 , 006 , 011 and 012.The Argeninian company "YCRT Rail" sold 3 of them - 005 , 006 and 012.Onto the locomotives had done a general overhaul , painted and they passed over a trial tests.After that , the 3 mashines moved in harbour of Burgas , loaded up on boats and gone towards Argentina.In nowadays 76011-6 standing in front of narrow gauge depot Septemvri and not a motion.

CopyrightVeselin Malinov
Taken14 September 2009
CameraCanon Powershot A3300IS

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