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NRZ 14A525 replaced the derailed 16A class on the globe steam special to Heany Junction. Fine main line action!

Copyrightglobe steam
Taken15 August 2006


Posted by Mario D. Bagat on January 3 2008 at 12:01

Hi, I am an italian man that was working for the Rhodesian Railways i n 1956/1958, as fireman on these kind of steam engines, all around the Country, from Salisbury (Harare) to Umtali (Mutare), From Bulawayo to Que Que and Gwelo. I lived for several months in Lochinvar and I was a member of the Lochinvar Railways Recreation Club, when the manager was Mr Peter, and in the Canteen Mrs. and Mr Pearson.
I had very good times in those years and meet very nice people, and I can say I feel nostalgic. My dream is the possibility to come another time to see those places. Best regards to all the persons that will read me.

Posted by Alto Soprano on May 26 2018 at 08:32

Grazie Mario,
The LRRC became Hideout Club 99 which we carried on the tradition from '75-90. Had great tennis court and double swimming pools and ofcourse the popular garden restaurant. Heard the place is in shambles. But watch the space.

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