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First station on the line: Boston Lodge

Boston Lodge was the site of the quarry for the stone used in building the Cob - 1808-11. It served as office, stables and barracks during construction; it was named after Madocks's parliamentary constituency in Lincolnshire.

Copyright©Alec Graham
Taken13 May 2002
LocationFfestiniog Railway


Posted by sam brown on October 29 2006 at 01:44

If you didn't notice that station is the second out of porthmadoc, minffordd
it says so on the sign. you can see the first letters to the top right of the picture.
but all of the facts on boston lodge are a'ok

Posted by Emyr Phillips on August 26 2009 at 03:06

As shown in the photograph the station is Minfordd and is the second station on the line

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