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5in Speedy

A model of a GWR 1500 class 0-6-0PT at Blackgates Track Leeds

CopyrightRoy Lambeth
TakenDate unknown


Posted by Tony Roberts on July 21 2008 at 12:28

1500 in photo is not a 'Speedy' but was built to works drawings by Eric Lowe of Rotherham, South Yorkshire many years ago. I drove it many miles for a number of years hauling up to 20 passengers up our 1 in 100 bank at Blackgates. Eric, now 92, is still building, wearing glasses sometimes, but usually without them and is at present nearing completion of 2-10-0 BR Std 'Evening Star'. This is in 3.5" gauge. Most folk go to larger scales when getting a little older, not Eric.
Hope the above may fill a blank ot two for the present owner of '1500'.
Sincerely, Tony, former Hon. Secretary of West Riding Small Locomotive Society at Tingley, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.

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