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CMC no. 4

Cyprus Mines Corporation 1927-built Baldwin
0-8-2T no. 4 at the old yard at Xeros, North Cyprus. The loco was taken out of service in about 1960. The mining activity ceased soon after the partition of Cyprus in 1974, which separated the principal mine in South Cyprus from the yard and jetty in the north, and it was good to find these locos still around in 2003.

CopyrightJames Waite
Taken17 August 2003
CameraFujifilm DS300


Posted by John.therailtoad on August 24 2014 at 11:21

Update on Xeros Locos. When I visited the sight in Jan 2013, everything was much the same as depicted here. The
little Saddle Tank in the park at Gizelyurt, is starting to List to the left, due to possible subsidence of the Ground. Apparently the local Authority would like to be rid of it! All the rest is about the same.
Re C.G.Rlwy # 1, at Famagusta. The loco is in a poor state, and does not appear to be cared for, by the Turkish
The Big Question is, HOW LONG before
all of this unique stuff ends up as Scrap Metal in China.
Something Needs to be Done!!!!!!!

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