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Motor Rail 1320 and a Bomb Wagon

We’ve not see Motor Rail 1320 for a little whil on this page – this is the First World War loco which was “improved” post war by having a new diesel engine fitted to it with all the engineering subtletly of a bull in a china shop.With the help of a PRISM grant, the loco is undergoing a full restoration to “as at quarry” condition, to make an interesting comparision to the “Tin Turtle” MR1369 which is in “as built” condition, more or less. Good progress has been made, and today saw the loco make a rare out of doors appearance. The bodywork framing has been fitted, which is always a joyous experience for all concerned. The key tasks remaining are to complete the radiator re-build, make and fit the body panels, and – biggest of all – re-fit the engine. The engine is currently away with a specialist contractor. Opportunity was also taken to photograph another restoration project coming along very nicely – a rebuild of a Hudson-built RAF Bomb wagon from the Fauld depot. This one was formerly part of the passenger train at Cadeby, many years ago.

Source: Moseley Railway Trust – Latest News

Posted by Peter Bowyer on 19 November 2017

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