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2017 October - Talyllyn Hallowe'en Scarefest

Our annual Steam’n’Scream trains ran between 26 and 29 October


After a Hallowe’en Feast in King’s Cafe, our passengers took a ride to Dolgoch Haunted Woods with plenty of scary surprises along the way. 

As usual, all the costumes looked amazing!

Many thanks to everyone who made Wharf look super spooky.

Photos by Darren Turner.

No 6 Douglas and the Hallowe'en train at Wharf
Your loco crew for the night!
Hallowe'en feast in progress in King's Cafe, Wharf
Some of our passengers in their fantastically scary outfits
Witches and werewolves!
Bert the skeleton back at Brynglas - ready to scare the loco crews!

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Posted by Peter Bowyer on 4 November 2017

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