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3'6" crosses 2'Gauge

There are a great number of, probably about 20, locations where the Q.R. crosses cane tramways between Tully and Cairns. In most instances, the 3'6" came after the cane lines, resulting in the "johnny come lately" Q.R. responsible for the crossings upkeep. The Q.R. have / are upgrading the North Coast Line to enable the Tilt Train (there is still one running two return trips per week between Brisbane and Cairns, about 1700km)to run at higher speeds. The speed crossing cane lines is either 15 or 25kph, this is increased to 40kph, with the reconstructed "heavy duty crossings". The signalling of these crossings is also upgraded at the same time.

CopyrightRobert Aspinall, Innisfail, Q. Aust. Free use with acknowledgement.
TakenDate unknown

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